We embrace our international heritage.

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Creativity that both inspires people to take action and solves business and societal challenges


•Education that nurtures student communities and contributes to career-readiness and speedier recruitment by exposing them to “best-in-class” curriculae .


•Continuous Professional Development of practitioners so they are ready to face the constant changes with practical insights of industry issues and knowledge of what’s coming next, to help better navigate outcomes.



•Industry Forum to debate emerging professional marketing communications issues and their consequences in the fast-changing environment.


The International Advertising Association (IAA), headquartered in New York, was founded in 1938 to champion responsible marketing. The IAA, with members in over 40 countries, is a one-of-a-kind global partnership comprising advertisers, media, advertising and public relations agencies, media companies, and academics. The IAA is a platform for industry issues and is dedicated to protecting and advancing freedom of commercial speech, responsible advertising, consumer choice, and the education of marketing professionals. 


The International Advertising Association has never been more relevant. With so many changes in the way we use advertising to communicate, it's important for everyone in the industry to have a trusted body they can turn to for advice and support.


The IAA is committed to be the Global Compass of the marketing communications industry.

  • We point towards excellence in meaningful creativity that helps our constituents remain true to the timeless principles of building strong brands and forging meaningful relationships with the consumers they serve and the society in which we live.

  • We use our thought leadership, initiatives in education, continuous development programs and world-class conferences, to help navigate through the ever-changing areas of regulation, technology that empowers, and the aspirations of increasingly confident consumers.

  • We are a unique network of marketers, advertising agencies, media, tech-companies and educators who are responsibly and constantly evaluating what is new, while remaining rooted to our core belief that “what’s good, is good for business”.

And what about IAA Nederland?

International Advertising Association Dutch Chapter (IAA) is a local chapter of the global trade organization committed to celebrating creativity, sharing industry knowledge, continuous development and collaborations with other local organizations. We offer knowledge, education and a global network of partners/members.

International Advertising Association (IAA) is
's werelds enige wereldwijde beroepsvereniging in creatieve industrie met vertegenwoordigers vanuit adverteerders, bureaus en media.



How do we differ from other associations? 

  • We are a truly global community – no other association is as international in scale with a grassroots representation in over 76 countries. 

  • Multi-discipline membership - no other association is as inclusive of all the disciplines involved in brand building, from corporates and associations to educators and marketing services providers.

What makes us unique? 

  • Truly global

  • Tripartite (professionals from marketing, media, creative)

  • 100% relying on volunteers


Local value proposition

  • We are internationally oriented.

  • We focus on education and facilitate innovation.

  • We are the voice of and ears for the branch through our active lobby strategy.

  • We conjoin those working in the industry with knowledge, resources and each other.

What do we do? 


Share knowledge, facilitate platform for continuous professional development.



Work together with other trade organizations and corporate members.


Certificates and finding ways to push talent.



We ‘standardized’ most of our events for recognition and predictability over the years. A subject is always approached from the tripartite angle.


Jeanne Misteli

Co-Executive Director/

Board Member

Finance & Events


Sabrina Naouri 

Co-Executive Director/

Board Member

Marketing & Communications.


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